Who Are Sterling Rees?

Our Powers

Our mission is to listen, solve then educate and work with our clients to transform.

  • Listen

    We understand the challenges our clients face; increasing regulation, changing legislation, economic and political pressures; a moving tax landscape that our clients must grow their business in. We work with clients to relieve these pressures and help them respond to change rapidly and efficiently.
  • Solve

    We believe the best solutions are workable plans. We base each strategy on a thorough understanding and exploration of your needs, listening to all the nuances of your objectives and innovating to find the right solution. We go further than just saving you money, we save you time as well.
  • Educate

    We collaborate with all our clients, we do not number-crunch. Communication is very important to us. We want you to understand why a solution works for you and how its can deliver tax mitigating results for the future. We operate with technology tools that reduce administration and error, and help streamline your accounts management.
  • Deliver

    We deliver successful outcomes. Utilising our experience in tax planning and ensuring constant communication, we do not rest until your objectives are fulfilled. We find a balance between meeting your expectation and developing the required structures to meet your obligations. We wish to build partnerships based on trust and the foundation stone for these relationships are our results.
  • Transform

    We wish to transform the tax experience for all clients. We believe in evolution and modernity, making your life easy and your business prosperous. We support our clients, scout out new opportunities for them and help each client succeed. Our principles are embedded in the core of our people; everyone of us believes in helping others and transforming lives.