Our values are what powers our team. We believe strongly in our four cornerstones:-


Trust is the building block of great working relationships; our clients trust us with their affairs, the good, the bad and the ugly and as that relationship deepens, our work with them has improved not only the business life but their personal as well.
Trust is also an important part of building a successful team, from trusting the team leader’s ability to trusting other members of the group to listen to and consider each other’s contributions, great teamwork hinges on mutual respect. We believe in circular respect; we trust our staff to do a good job and our staff trust the management to steer the company well. All members who join our team must show they are trustworthy by being considerate in their actions, persistent in their resolve, and honest about their skills and expertise.


We pride ourselves on being a team of nerds. We all love to learn, be it within our professional roles or in our personal lives. Our world constantly changes and we understand the need to be ahead of the learning curve. We also take the responsibility of educating our clients seriously so that they can meet their obligations and fulfil their individual objectives.
Education grows from the roots upwards and we nurture all our staff that join our team in their chosen areas of expertise, supporting their skill development and blooming confidence.


Although rallying around a common goal is imperative to teamwork success, we believe diversity in points of view on how to achieve it can be just as important. This includes not just demographic diversity, but also diversity in other areas, such as specific work expertise, personality traits, and personal interests. We believe in challenging each other, not creating hollow echo chambers and allowing our ideas to stagnate. There will always be questions that can be answered multiple ways and it takes different points of view of the same problem to light upon potential paths to resolution.

At Sterling Rees, we welcome a diverse team where constructive conflict is a driver of success and the stimulus for efficient and creative solutions.


We believe strongly in who we are and what we stand for. Honesty and transparency are of paramount importance to us and every client project we work on begins with these key elements. Every member of Sterling Rees understands the importance of integrity as a quality and conducts themselves with the highest of moral principles; believing not only in truthfulness but in the accuracy of their actions. We do not sugar-coat or dissemble the truth for profit reasons, that does not fit with our ethical code; instead we ensure every client understands fully the journey they are on.